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The World's Best Handmade Eggrolls


A Dream That has

Been Cooking for Years

Khanthaly Keutla and her family came to America in early 1980's & settled in Billings,MT. Khanthaly would make Eggrolls for the monthly Church potluck at St. Luke's Church where her Handmade Eggrolls became a massive hit. Soon after Khanthaly would sell her eggrolls to the public in a Food Truck in downtown Billings at The Transwestern Plaza, where the original food truck still is today. 

In 1994 Khanthaly opened her first Brick and Mortar on 13th & Grand Ave called "Khanthaly's Eggrolls." 


Since then Khanthaly has passed on her cooking knowledge to her children who have since opened other restaurants, Food Trucks and some them have gone on to cook & appear on National TV (Food Network, TNT & Showtime) 

You can still enjoy the Famous Khanthaly's Eggrolls every summer in Billings,MT at various Food events and the Original Food Truck in downtown Billings,MT. 

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