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Khanthaly & Sie Keutla

Our Story

Food Rolls through the Family

When The Keutla came to America from Laos food was their only way they knew how to express their thanks. Sie got his first Job in the kitchen at St. Vincent's Hospital and worked there for over 20 years. Khanthaly would make Eggrolls for friends at Church who then encouraged her to open a Food Truck. From there she would sell eggrolls at the Farmers Market, Summer Fair, Montana Fair, Strawberry Fest and soon opened her first restaurant on Grand ave. 

After his shift at the hospital Sie would come to the restaurant close down but it just wasn't Sie and Khanthaly, all her children worked at the restaurant as well.  Lucky, Tobee, Khuanmany and Lukas all learned skills in the kitchen from their parents. 

These are skills the kids would take with them for life as Food became apart of their lives whether it was opening other restaurants, food trucks or cooking on national TV. 

As time keeps going on not only is Food running through the Keutla Family's veins but will always remain a staple in Billings,MT and other cities across the country. 

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